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  英语是当今世界上主要的国际通用语言这一,也是世界上最广泛使用的语言。据1986年的统计, 世界上以英语为母语的人近4亿,差不多每十个人中就有一个人讲英语。小编为你整理了五下英语书课文翻译,希望对你有所参考帮助。


  1 Tidy up!

  (1) look at your bedroom .what a mess. let's tidy it up. sure, sally.Whose socks are those?Are they yours,peter?No,they aren't. They're Paul's .Can you put them on his bed ?Sure.


  (2) Whose cap is this?It's mine. There's a T-shirt. Is this yours too,Peter?No .It's Paul’s. Can you put it on his bed? Sure.


  (3) The room is now cleanand tidy. Thank you for your help, Sally. You're welcome, peter


  2 Our new home

  Sally and her dad are at their new home. Do you like our new home, Sally?

  Yes. It's nice. I like the living room. Why do you like it? Because it's so big! What about you,Dad? I like the study. Why do you like it? Because it's quite. I can read and write there. Where are Peter and Paul? They're in the garden. They like our new home too. Do you konw why? Why ,Sally? Because they can play in the garden all day !



  3 In the future

  (1) Kitty wants to konwabout her future. She stands in front of a magic machine and takes a photo.


  (2) Kitty looks at her photo. There are some words on the back.


  In 15 year,... you will not wear glasses. you will have big and beautiful eyes. you will live in Beijing. you will be a teacher. you will love your job.


  (3) This is me in the future! I won't wear glasses. I'll have big and beautiful eyes. I'll live in Beijing and I'll be a teacher.


  4 Reading is fun

  (1) Look,Alice.There are manystorybook.I'm going to buy one.I'm going to look at the picture books over there.OK.


  (2) Do you like this picture book? Yes. It's fun. There are many beautiful pictures in it. What are the pictures about? They're pictures of different placesin China. I'm going to visit these places in the future. What are you reading? Is it a storybook? Yes. It's Stories for Children. I'm going to read a story every day.


  5 At the weekend

  Children,what are you going to do this weekend? I'm going to stay at home and watch TV with my grandparent. I'm going to play football on Sunday. It's my favourite sport. I'm going to see a film with my parents on Saturday afternoon. I'm going to row a boat and fly a kite in the parkon Sunday.I don't have any plans for the weekend. Do you want to come withme. Alice? Sure. Thank you ,Kitty.


  6 Holidays

  Mum and Dad, what are we going to do this summer? Let's go to Sanya. It's a wonderful place for a holiday. Great! How do we get there? We get thereby plane. Where will we stay? We'll stay in a hotel by the sea. How long will we stay in Sanya? We'll stay there for five days. What will we do there? Sanya has beautiful beaches with clear water. We'll go swimming there.We'll also have seafood .The seafood there tastes great!


  7 Open day

  The Open day is on 30th April. Ms Guo is asking the children about the day. Children, your parents will come to our school at two o'clock in the afternoon. What will they do first? Can you tell me? First, they' visit our classroom. That's right. What will they do next? Next,they'll visit the art room. Then,they'll go to the hall. After that,they'll go to the library. Finally,they'll meet the teachers in the meeting room.


  8 Buying clothes

  (1) Which dress do you like, the blue one or the pink one? I like pink one. Pink is my favourite. I like the blue one too. It's beautiful. You can try both on. That's great!


  (2) Which pair of trousers do you like , the white one or the brown one? I like the brown one. Here you are . It's your size. OK. I'll try on the trousers.


  9 Seeing the doctor

  Kitty is not feeling well. She is ill. Her mum takes her to the hospital. What's wrong with you? I have a headache. She has a fever too. Let me have a look. Open your mouth and say"Ah..." Ah... You have a cold. You should take some medicine. You should also drink a lot of water.You shouldn't go to bed late.Have a good rest and you'll get well soon.Thank you. doctor. You're welcome.


  10 Great inventions

  Do you know any great inventions in the world? I think paper is a great invention. People can write on it. I think the watch is a great invention. People can tell the time anywhere. I think the car is a great invention. People cantravel from one place to anther very fast. I think ... Well, I'm going to invent something myself. Great! What are you going to invent? I'm going to invent a flying bike! People can go anywhere with it.


  11 Chinese festivals

  (1) The spring Festival comes in January or February every year.It is an important Chinese festival.People also call it Chinese New Year.


  (2) On Chinese New Year's Eve,families have a big dinner together.They often eat fish and dumpling.


  (3) People visit their friends and relatives.Children often get red packets with some money in them.


  (4) People also watch fireworks at night.They like the beautiful fireworks very much.


  12 The giant’s garden

  (1) A giant lives in a big house with a beautiful garden.Children like to play in the garden.They have a lot of fun there.


  (2) The giant finds the children in his garden.He is very angry.Get out!Get out!


  (3) The giant builds a tall wall around his garden.Now the children cannot play in his garden.


  (4) Soon Miss Spring comes.She bring beautiful flowers and birds,but she does not bring any to the giant's garden.


  (5) "It's cold here.Where's Miss Spring?"The giant looks at his garden and feels sad.


  (6) Miss Spring,Miss Summer and Miss Autumn do not visit the giant.It is always winter in the giant's garden.


  (7) One morning,the giant hears some lovely sounds.He sees some beautiful flowers too.The giant is very happy.Hooray!Miss Spring is here!


  (8) The giant finds some children in his garden.They are coming through a hole.They bring Miss Spring to his garden.


  (9) The giant knocks down the wall around his garden.Miss Spring never comes late again.Children,you can play in my garden any time.












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